Schizotypal symptoms in children and youth at high risk for psychosis

Project Summary:
Investigation of the course of schizotypal disorder in the early (childhood) developmental period, and tracking its long-term effects on behaviour and functional outcome.

A team at the University of Melbourne and University of Bonn have developed a program of work investigating decision making in the schizophrenia spectrum through exploring developmental trajectories, neural correlates and cognitive mechanisms. Decision making deficits occur in a number of psychiatric conditions, including schizophrenia, and present a problem with substantial implication for lifestyle and health choices. There is also evidence that people with high levels of schizotypy, a personality constellation reflecting risk for schizophrenia, to show altered decision making, supporting the hypothesis for a continuum between schizophrenia and subclinical expressions such as schizotypy. More information is available here: Bonn_UoM_Schizotypal project_Poster

Principal Investigators:
The University of Melbourne: Prof Christos Pantelis
The University of Bonn: Prof Dr Ulrich Ettinger